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JULY 2017: 

BARCELONA /The exhibition "Las Maletas de Walter Benjamin" to be seen at Ars Santa Mónica. Opening: 

20th July. Closing: 24th of September. 

JUNE 2017: 

MIDDELBURG / My photographic commission for the project "Pose the city a question" for the dutch Gallery CAESUUR, Opening: 17th June. 

LA PAZ / Photography exhibition. Opening "En equilibrio con el agua" at the Alliance Francaise in La Paz, Bolivia. 7.June. 

MAY 2017: 

MADRID / The exhibition "Las Maletas de Walter Benjamin" to be seen at Casa de Velazquez. 5th-25th of May. 

APRIL 2017: 

LONDON / Ill be showing my work the 12th of April in White Chapel, London.  Photographs and Videos from different artists and Panel discussion. Event: "Technologizing Throw-Away Culture"

LA PAZ /The Photography exhibition "En equilibrio con el agua"is touring. Next station: Ministerio de Cultura y Turismo. Opening: April 6th, 2017. La Paz, Bolivia. 

MARCH 2017: 

I curated the collective Photography exhibition "En equilibrio con el agua", organised by Portal Urbano. Opening: March 22nd 2017, at the Cinemateca Boliviana, La Paz. 


NAIROBI / I´ll be showing a first selection of photographs at the British Institute in Eastern Africa  with the project Bodies of planned obsolecense. 2nd February 2017. Nairobi ,Kenya. 

JANUARY 2017: 

I´ll be documenting the project Bodies of planned obsolecense in Nairobi ,Kenya, during January 2017


My photography series from Amsterdam for The Guardian und UPS is online here in the article "Five for the road".



Benjamin Hyperlinks on the website from the Kunsthochschule Weißensee 


OCTOBER 2016: 

"Der Engel im Koffer"

Exhibition at the train station in Portbou, Spain. 

24th September - 23rd October

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