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I´m a visual artist living and working in Berlin and occasionally in Argentina and Barcelona, Spain. I have studied fashion design in Buenos Aires and visual communication at the Bauhaus- University Weimar, EINA in Barcelona and Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin.


I mainly work with photography and video, but also with graphics or any other technic suiting the running project.


+49 (0)157 86334819 (DE)

I create the concept and participate as an artist in workshops for school children and teenagers in Berlin. I work with the artist Mona Jas and the art mediators a7-ausseneinsatz in the programm When Education Turns to Art at KW Berlin. 

I also work in other Berlin schools with the art mediators Silke Ballath and Maja-Lena Pastor. 

I´m an active member of the bermudagarten  at the Weißenssee Kunsthochschule Berlin, a space where students, neighbors and new Berliners (mainly from Syria) meet to spend time together, explore different ways of expression and communication and exchange knowledge. I have given some indoor workshops in winter and outdoors in summer. 

Some web based projects done with the kids: 

Die idee zählt 



Connectivity, remix culture, the definition of personality, the inside and the outside, nature, recycling and waste culture, tourism and migration, health, the body and the mind, pop as blessing and curse, music and dance, storytelling and learning horizontally.

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