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The Arcades Project (EN) (DE) (ES) is an unfinished work. Benjamin´s attempt was to wake up from the dream or the nightmare of the XIX century, analysing the Paris from the XVIII century through its architecture, people, fashion, materials. His method is based on the selection and transcription of text snippets from other authors, taking just the pieces he needed. He connected the pieces with signs, doing an analog hyperlinking work. 


This website bases on the same method, using videos instead of text and walking around youtube instead of the arcades.

Each sign represents a word or a concept given by Benjamin in form of a button linked to a video. 

This slumberous state of mind generated while being many hours in internet, watching videos and consulting everything there as the ultimate and most trustable information and entertainment tool, is the dream and nightmare of our times. This website attempts to give you both: entertainment and enough question marks to think about. 


The Arcades Project is incomplete, but it won´t change in form or content. Benjamin Hyperlinks is incomplete, but it can and it will change, every time it is needed.   

If you would like to discuss or comment this with me, write to:

The arcades project and the hyperlinks

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